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Mohs College

The American College of Mohs Micrographic Surgery and Cutaneous Oncology, or Mohs College for short was founded in 1967. It was named after Frederic E. Mohs, M.D., who developed the procedure, which bears his name and served as the first president of the College.

The Mohs College approves formal fellowship training programs in Mohs micrographic surgery.  Mohs College Surgeons receive the most rigorous training available in the performance of the Mohs procedure, interpretation of Mohs pathology slides, and cosmetic reconstruction of surgical defects. 

All dermatologists receive training in Mohs surgery during their residency but only few go on to become Mohs College Surgeons.   Presently, Dr. Richardson is the only Mohs College surgeon practicing in the Coachella Valley.

Focus on Skin Cancer 

At Mirage Dermatology we limit our practice to the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer. Focusing on one specific area gives us much more experience, and thus more skill, in that area. It also allows us to streamline our office routines and staff training which in turn promotes a higher and more efficient level of care. We believe that specialization, office accreditation, and superior training allow us to offer the best possible care and help us achieve our mission of providing Excellence in Skin Cancer Care.

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  • "Now that I am back home I have to express by appreciation to you and your office. Thanks for the courtesies and of course the “Best” medical attention."
    L.L., Rancho Mirage
  • "Just a short note to say thank you for all you have done for me over the past few months. I knew I was in good hands the first time I met you. I do appreciate the outstanding professionalism demonstrated by all staff on board. You all make up a great group of people, all of whom I´m proud to call friends."
    D.L., Rancho Mirage
  • "I cannot thank you and your wonderful staff associates enough for the superb care you all gave me this year. These were trying times for me and every one in your office pitched in to make my surgical recoveries easier on me. One seldom sees such caring in these times."
    A.H., Palm Desert
  • "I want to thank you not only for making my nose cancer free, but also for working so diligently to make my nose look great! I greatly appreciate the work you do and how conscientiously you made every effort to enhance my health and appearance."
    T. L., Rancho Mirage
  • "Thank you to each of you for your kind and caring attitude throughout my visits to your office. Dr. Richardson, you are a wonderful example of how a doctor´s office should and is being run!"
    E. L., Rancho Mirage